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Review of works in the field of ecology
based on Remote Sensing and GIS
on the territory of Central Asia and Kazakhstan

Word from the Director to the website visitors

Dear visitors! Welcome to the updated version of our website! This website was developed to popularize and to publish the developments, methodical approaches to application of the RS data and GIS in the field of environmental protection, land use and nature management.

Our company was founded in 1999. The main direction of our activity is rendering services in the field of environmental protection, cartography and information technologies.

The basic mission of our company is the development and practical application of new advanced technologies of geoinformation mapping and space survey in ecological and geographical, biological studies, in nature management and environmental monitoring.

At present time the company’s major achievements are a combination of large ecological studies in various regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan directed at the solution of important applied and target problems.

 Application of the technologies of Earth’s remote sensing and GIS in implementation of projects of various directions allows the attainment of the qualitatively new level of analytical works, modeling and forecasting of natural and anthropogenic processes.

Thematic mapping is one of the main fields of activity of our company that includes development of both its theoretical frameworks and methodology. The latter encompasses the cartographic provision for engineering environmental investigation, mapping in the course of EIA, geographical analysis of ecological problems and many other.

We improve our professional skills of application of new technologies through the close cooperation with the major foreign companies engaged in this field and through the participation in the international forums.

Each project carried out by our company is characterized by newness and extraordinariness of approaches to the solution of the set problems since from the very start we have decided to use the latest scientific achievements in all our projects.

The majority of the personnel of the Company are scientists having work experience in scientific and research institutes of the Republic; they continue their scientific activity and train young specialists form the skeleton staff of our company.

I hope that our website will become an instrument of cooperation and business communication for all scientists and specialists interested in many issues and directions especially in the field of application of GIS and Remote Sensing.


Director of the Centre for Remote

Sensing and GIS “Terra”,

Candidate of geographical sciences,

Geldyev B. V.

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