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Review of works in the field of ecology
based on Remote Sensing and GIS
on the territory of Central Asia and Kazakhstan

Remote Sensing


Remote Sensing is the collection of information about an object or a phenomenon by means of the registering device, that doesn’t have a direct connection with the given object or the phenomenon.

Our company offers the following services in the field of remote sensing (RS):


·         Selection and order of the remote sensing data of various surveying systems;

·         Preliminary remote sensing data processing;

·         Creation and update of the topographical maps, using the RS data;

·         Realization of the specialized field studies with the use of software and detailed description of the natural environment components for the RS data interpretation;

·         Creation of libraries of spectral signatures and images for the RS data interpretation;

·         Development of thematic cartographical patterns on the basis of the automated classification of the satellite images (maps of ecosystems, vegetation etc.);

Presentation of the results of the RS data processing in the Geoinformation system;


Geographical Information Systems


Geographic Information System (GIS) is the basic element for enhancement of effectiveness at solution of ecological, industrial and scientific problems; it simplifies and accelerates the process of realization of the above-mentioned works, the analysis and the managerial decision-making in this field.


Our company offers a wide range of services in the field of geoinformation technologies:


·         Development of the geoinformation systems starting from personal to corporate level;

·         Elaboration of the desktop GIS, modules and applications;

·         Processing of spatial data;

·         Technical support.


The software of the world leading companies in this sphere (ESRI Inc., MapInfo) is used for GIS development.

 All projects in this field are carried out by the certified and highly qualified specialists.



Environmental Design and Audit


The company offers services in the field of environmental projection:

 ·                Environmental Impact Assessment Projects

 ·                Environmental Protection Projects

 ·                Environmental Passport Development

 ·                Environmental Audit and Examination

 ·                Reclamation of Disturbed and Degraded Lands

 ·                Environmental Monitoring

 ·               Development of Draft Standard and Legal Regulations


The projects are developed on high professional and scientific level.

In compliance with the license 01026 for realization of works and services in the field of environmental protection issued by the Ministry of Environmental protection of RK of 13.07.2007, the company CRS and GIS “Terra” Ltd. offers services of environmental audit and examination.

The company CRS and GIS “Terra” Ltd. carries out environmental audit and examination in strict compliance with the Environmental Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


Geological & geophysical survey 


Our company offers the following services:

•             Designing of exploration and geophysical works before the exploration & production of hydrocarbon materials and solid mineral products; 

•             Designing of 2D and 3D onshore and offshore seismic operations;

•             Designing of the onshore and offshore construction of deep oil-wells;

•             Designing of production testing of oil and gas fields;

•             Designing of deep injection of industrial wastes;

•             Designing of deep injection of slime;

•             Development of the projects of onshore and offshore geological engineering survey;

•             Development of the projects and reports on monitoring of the Earth's;

•             Development of FS (Feasibility Study) of mineral products condition and oil recovery efficiency;

•             Calculation of mineral reserves and professional project monitoring and insurance of the approval by State Commission on Mineral Reserves;

•             Independent review of the reports on calculation of mineral reserves, Feasibility Study and geological engineering survey projects;

•             Assistance with the carrying out of mining development plan;

•             Preparation of the required permits for water drilling;

•             Projects of mining claims;

•             Preparation of tender documentation for obtaining a right of subsoil use of hydrocarbon materials and solid mineral products.  


Specially Protected Natural Territories (SPNT)



The SPNT (specially protected natural territories) are lots of land, water surface and air space above it where natural complexes and facilities are situated that are important as to nature protection, science, culture, esthetics, recreation and sanitation; which were completely or partially withdrawn from the economic consumption by the governmental decrees and which were determined as zones of special protection.

           The Republic of Kazakhstan ensures the development of the system of the specially protected natural territories as the basic component of the environmental network ensuring the preservation and restoration of biodiversity, the unique and typical landscapes.

            Under the governmental regulation and control in the field of SPNT, the protection of the state natural reserves and the natural ecosystems is ensured.

           These territories may be used for the advancement of science, culture, enlightenment, education and tourism for payment. The availability of information and participation of individual and legal entities in the solution of problems of the specially protected natural territories are ensured; international cooperation is being realized.

            Violation of the legislation of the Republic Kazakhstan in the field of SPNT results in liability.

            In Kazakhstan, all specially protected natural territories fall into the categories of the republican or local significance, among which several types of SPNT are distinguished.

            The SPNT of the republican significance are state nature reserves; state national parks; state nature reservations; state zoological parks; state natural reservations, state zoological parks, state botanic gardens; state dendrological parks; state monuments of nature; state special nature reserves; state reserved zones.

                The SPNT of the local significance are state regional natural parks; state zoological parks; state botanic gardens; state dendrological parks; state monuments of nature; state special nature reserves.

TheCRS and GIS «Terra» has wide experience in the field of the specially protected natural territories: in the development of projects of natural-science studies (NSS) and feasibility studies (FS) for establishment and expansion of the SPNTs, their land amelioration and functional zoning, for development of tourism and recreation, for elaboration of General Plans of Development.


 Wildlife Management


For successful functioning of the modern hunting household, it is necessary to ensure a balanced combination of the methods of use of the hunting land to satisfy the needs of hunters provided that the number of game animals would be saved and increased.

       The CRS and GIS «Terra» offers you an assistance in the development of projects on the internal arrangement of hunting households on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, based on the use of modern methods of the hunting households and the normative base; and in the creation of the required package of maps on the basis of the GIS technologies.

       The projects ensure the study of natural and economic conditions of the area, the inventory and classification of the hunting lands, the analysis of the hunting activity during the past auditing period, the planning of activities on the wildlife protection as well as the biotechnical and exploitation activities. The actual animal number of the types of the game animals is determined; also the optimal population density of species per unit of area is established. The carrying capacity of the hunting land is set. The most effective direction of the activity of the hunting household is developed. The recommendations on the enhancement of value of the hunting lands are given.


 Topographic  Surveying


  1. Creation and update of the topographic maps and plans;
  2. Creation of the geodesic networks of concentration;
  3. Creation of the profiles of the linear objects;
  4. Land surveying works for land planning and reclamation of disturbed areas.
  5. Land surveying works for creation of the basic networks for realization of the photogrammetric works;

The company possesses the extensive range of the electronic geodesic instruments and software for processing of the survey data.


«Business planning»


(Development of business plan, feasibility study and preparation of investment Memorandum)

Prior to commencing any new business initiative; weather it is an expansion of existing business, introduction of new technologies and products, or a pure “start-up” business, it is important to have a clear vision of such business and good understanding of how viable it will be in a short and a long run before you decide to invest your money, time and energy in it.  

The only efficient way to help you to look into the future of your business is comprehensive business planning. Moreover, a well done business plan will be important when seeking for a third party investment, since any potential investor would be happy to see a financial document which would assist him when making decision on whether to invest in your business or not.

Such financial document may be represented by:


·         Business Plan;

·         Feasibility Study;

·         Investment Memorandum.

Our Company would be happy to help you in preparation of such documents and, also to assist you in presenting your business case to the potential investor or financing bank.

Clear and in-depth developed business plan would help to outline the future of your business, to describe its major aspects, to reveal the potential threats to your business and to define appropriate actions to mitigate risks. Besides, the well-prepared business plan will be helpful in demonstrating viability of your business idea and attracting required financing to support you business.

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