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Review of works in the field of ecology
based on Remote Sensing and GIS
on the territory of Central Asia and Kazakhstan
Wildlife Management

For successful functioning of the modern hunting household, it is necessary to ensure a balanced combination of the methods of use of the hunting land to satisfy the needs of hunters provided that the number of game animals would be saved and increased.

         The CRS and GIS «Terra» offers you an assistance in the development of projects on the internal arrangement of hunting households on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, based on the use of modern methods of the wildlife management and the normative base; and in the creation of the required package of maps on the basis of the GIS technologies.

The projects ensure the study of natural and economic conditions of the area, the inventory and classification of the hunting lands, the analysis of the hunting activity during the past auditing period, the planning of activities on the wildlife protection as well as the biotechnical and exploitation activities. The actual animal number of the types of the game animals is determined; also the optimal population density of species per unit of area is established. The carrying capacity of the hunting land is set. The most effective direction of the wildlife management of hunting household is developed. The recommendations on the enhancement of value of the hunting lands are given.

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